The Eden Wheatley Park team is part of the bigger Eden Network ( The network is a group of teams who operate in the UK and abroad. Our aim is to “live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community”. We live and serve in poorer urban communities and place a strong emphasis on reaching out to young people and their families.

The current Eden team here is made up of Pod, Alison and Naomi, and we are all committed members of Wheatley Park Baptist Church.

 The ‘bread and butter’ of our work here in Wheatley Park is making connections with local people and going on a journey with and towards Jesus with them. We aim to “do life” with the people around us.

At the moment we run or are involved with a number of activities and events (Please contact Pod or Alison if you’d like to know more about any of them). These include:-

‘JAM’ (Jesus and Me)– a weekly group for secondary-aged young people
‘Saturday Night Live’ a regular music event at a local coffee shop
Community Coffee Mornings– every other Monday at the church
‘Bacon and Bible’-
a weekly group at the Podmore’s house
Regular work in Park Primary School
Monthly ‘Filling Stations’– events at church which are open to all, including breakfast.

We also get involved with the use of our ‘Church On Wheels’ (aka ‘The Holy COW’) and a number of one-off community events. 

If you would like to know more or support what we do, there are three main ways – your presence, your prayers and your pounds. Please contact Pod if you’d like to help in any or all of these ways.

07877 506429

“I love getting to know local people and seeing if and how our lives can overlap, always praying and hoping that in that process we will all be drawn closer to Jesus. To do this alongside the team and the whole church is a joy.”

Martin Podmore